3 Reasons Brides Are Choosing Custom Written Wedding Songs

It’s your much-anticipated wedding day, and you’ve planned it perfectly with exhausting detail. Congratulations! All that effort is music to your ears as you begin celebrating your new beginning.

When it comes to music at a wedding, there are songs for the wedding processional, the father-daughter dance, the first dance as a newly married couple, and more. Here are 3 reasons why brides and grooms are choosing custom written wedding songs over traditional tunes or today’s chart toppers.


1. Personalized Lyrics for Your Love Story

While Taylor Swift may write a love song like no other, it’s based on her experience – not yours. Your love story is unique, and it can be written based on your own adventures and experiences. A custom written wedding song can be written to highlight special events that led to your wedding, dating stories, intimate moments, or maybe simply written to express the feelings you have for one another.

Regardless of the direction the lyrics lead, you are sure to have a brilliant love song of your own, written especially for you and no one else!


2. Themed to Match Wedding

Some weddings are very formal affairs, while others are more playful and light. Regardless of your theme – a sunny beach wedding, tying the knot inside a quaint country chapel, exchanging vows in a beautiful garden, or otherwise – a custom written wedding song for your wedding ceremony or reception can be written to match the mood or tone of your special occasion.

With so many musical styles to choose from, you are sure to find a style that complements your event, from the warm comfort of an acoustic guitar with lyrics to a modern rock anthem expressing your feelings for the guy or girl of your dreams, make your custom wedding song memorable!

3. A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Gift cards expire, fine china ends up in storage, and one can only have so many picture frames and toasters! A custom written wedding song is a lasting gift that becomes an ongoing memory of your special wedding day. Useful as the soundtrack to your wedding video, as a special tradition for every anniversary, and so much more, it’s more than simply a song for your wedding day – it’s a song that you share for life!


Oxford Custom Songs professionally writes and records custom written songs to amplify the musical moments of your special occasion. Our talented creative team works closely with you to understand the style and tone of music you are wanting written, as well as to gather some ideas on lyric content to help make your custom song personalized for you. Much more affordable than hiring a musician or band to sing a cover song for your wedding dance, Oxford Custom Songs delivers outstanding personalized songs for your occasion that can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Learn more about how Oxford Custom Songs personalizes your wedding event and helps you to make memories with custom written wedding songs!

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