Bring Your Own Song Idea to Life!

We all love music, and many of us carry a tune in our head at any given time – on our way to school, on our way to work, while out with friends, while spending time with family. For some, it’s a song they heard on the radio earlier that day. For others, it may be an original tune made up that has become a theme song for their life.

Which of the following sounds familiar to you?

  • Do you have an original song that you made up, but you simply don’t know how to go about recording?
  • Have you written great lyrics for a song, but you need help writing the music and recording?
  • Are you looking to have someone record your song idea so you can take it to a local recording studio to record your own vocals?
  • Do you have interest in recording your song, but you are looking for options other than paying an overpriced recording studio to record your song yourself?


Whatever your situation, Oxford Custom Songs can help you bring your song to life! We help many different people at many different stages to make their dream and reality – their own song idea professionally recorded and ready to share with friends, family, or even to sell on iTunes or other distribution services! No need for a local recording studio – we work with people all over the country, making us more flexible and available when you are ready to get started.

Whether you need help with the full composition and recording process, you have the music written out and just need someone to record the song, or anywhere in between, Oxford Custom Songs is ready to help you bring it to life.

It’s your own song idea.

We professionally record your idea and give you a polished song to use as you please!

Have a question?

Send us a message and let us know how we can help you take the next step in creating your own song.

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