Making Music for the Holidays

Believe it or not, it’s getting to be that time of year again. The morning and evening air has a crisp chill, the remaining daylight is getting much shorter than we like, and there’s a growing anticipation for some of the fondest times that many of us cherish every year. The holidays are just around the corner… Here’s to making music for the holidays!

During the holiday season, we tend to look back at the past year and remember some of the most enjoyable moments we’ve shared. Often times, those most memorable moments were shared with a friend or family member – be it a silly occasion, a life-changing event, a romantic twist, or otherwise. We begin considering ways that we can express our feelings for loved ones through gifts and acts of service. As music is one of the best forms of expression, why not share your feelings for a loved one through a song this year?

The following holidays all have a little different focus and feeling, but are all wonderful opportunities to take what we feel in our hearts and express ourselves. In considering the following holidays, think of how you can turn your feelings into music or song to share or remember all year long.


Thanksgiving is a time we show our gratitude to our family, friends, and God for all that we’ve been given. It’s a time for heartfelt reflection and counting the many blessings that we hold so dear in life. Music is a fantastic way to further express our gratitude for what we’ve been given – especially with regard to our relationships.

Take some time to write a poem about your feelings for a friend or family member, or for the more musically inclined, make an effort to put your feelings to a new tune that may come to your mind as a song arrangement.


Children’s minds are captivated by the magic and excitement of the Christmas holiday, and I must say that much of that magical anticipation carries into our adult years. This time of year, we long to snuggle with a loved one next to the warm glow of a fire while sipping rich hot cocoa, or feel the immense joy of building the first snowman of the season, welcoming winter. Or maybe it’s the family get-togethers or intimate holiday parties with our closest friends.

Regardless of what makes us feel happiest, these strong feelings that we share that would make a wonderful melody, reminding us all through the year of the holiday season; capture these thoughts and feelings – write them down and look for ways to make them felt all through the year.


As another year comes to a close, we look back and remember. We think of the most memorable moments of the year, choices that we would have made differently, opportunities that we wish we would have taken, and so much more. So much can happen within a years’ time. Many people make goals to change or improve for the new year – to start over anew. With regard to the feelings we have for others, now is the time to tell them how you feel! And a great way to do it is with a song from your heart – don’t put it off, but make a resolution to share how you feel in a new and exciting way.

Oxford Custom Songs helps people to express their feelings through song. Regardless of the occasion, we help make memories into music. You write the lyrics, we put it all together and make it music to your ears. If you don’t quite have the words to express what you want long to say, we can help write lyrics to a song that captures just the right emotion or phrases.

This holiday season, Oxford Custom Songs wants to share experiences with you. Learn more about our songwriting services for the holidays, or one of our many other special occasions. Feel free to reach out and ask more about our services – we’d love to connect and see if a custom written song as a gift from you this holiday season is a good fit.