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About Oxford Custom Songs

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From the moment I picked up my first guitar, I’ve been involved in the highly addictive creative process of music production. For over 15 years I’ve built experience as a singer/songwriter, and have collaborated with musicians across the country in writing custom songs, producing singles, and more.

Tascam PORTA-02MKIIEarly Recordings

My first experience with recording was on a Tascam PORTA-02MKII – a small, 2-track analog recording system that produced recorded audio on a cassette tape. While it certainly was nearing the end of its era at that time, it fueled an addiction that is much more than a hobby; it’s a lifestyle.

Modern Convenience and Opportunity

Today, we work with much more convenient digital methods that allow collaboration regardless of location. Such advancements in technology have made it possible to work with individuals around the globe, such as the opportunity to work with you!

It is a pleasure for our team to work with you in creating an exceptional experience with your own custom song. Whatever your occasion, you’ve made a great decision in working with Oxford Custom Songs.