Acoustic Song Package – Basic




Acoustic Song Package – Basic

The Basic Acoustic package features a custom song written with acoustic guitar and vocals, personalized for you. Our team will write lyrics and guitar accompaniment for the song based on information you provide in the Project Details Web Form that you will submit after purchase.

This package also includes professional recording of all instruments (guitar, vocals), full song mixing services (blend individuals tracks for optimal results, balance volume levels, increase overall output volume), and other preparations prior to final delivery to you.

The final personalized song is delivered to you via email typically within 5-10 business days. The delivery will include the custom song recording in a standard mp3 format, as well as in .wav format (high-quality); additionally, you will receive a lyric sheet for the song.

The Basic package does not provide a review of lyrics and composition or revisions.​ To include a review with an audio engineer, please select a Pro Package.


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